Free French Chat Rooms

We have free and secure chat rooms where people from every French speaking country, especially France, can chat here!

free online chat rooms includes many different chat rooms. With the video conference feature, you can talk to these people by voice or video, and share files from your device.

Mobile Support

In chat rooms, you can keep in touch with your friends online or offline, whether you are on mobile or desktop, and you can read the sent instant messages later.

easy to use

The problem with many other chat services is that they are difficult and confusing to use. We are focused on making our service easy and intuitive for both webmasters and users. You will see the difference immediately!, which has hundreds of visitors from France and abroad, offers its users the opportunity to chat freely, anonymously, in local and foreign chat rooms without any registration. With, you can log into the chat room you want and meet different cultures... is backed by the HybridIRC Community Network.

Add a touch of community... Keep your users coming back by adding a free chat room to your website or blog.

Don’t worry, no ads, no cost!


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Voice and video calls new

With the HybridIRC infrastructure, you can make voice and video calls/conferences in JITSI quality!

Chat Rooms free

Not only French, you can join all channels on the Network and meet people from different cultures!

Private chat safe

You can chat privately with people you want to meet in chat rooms. Your private chats can NEVER be viewed or read!

Radio Stations national

While chatting, you can also listen to music that suits your taste thanks to the radio plug-in available in the chat applet.

Avatars free

In chat rooms, you can use your personalized avatar. Nick registration is required for this feature.

device support all

You can access our chat rooms from any device that you can install a browser such as a phone, tablet or computer. We support all devices!

If you need help, we're here for you!

If you need any help or want to ask a question, you can reach us on the #Help channel!

You can create a code and set up your own community. supported by HybridIRC