Your website, signed by KiwiIRC┬«, customized by HybridIRC for its users; with some prominent usable features such as “radio, emojis, avatar, file-sharing, audio/video conference calls”, HTML5 mobile compatible, working with TLS (SSL) – WebSocket protocol, without any registration or installation and without ads, To add a free chat/chat application, you can add the HTML iframe code below to your site or blog, allowing your users to meet and chat on any channel.

In order to direct your users to a channel you want, you can write the name of your chat channel instead of the #chatter channel specified below, or leave it as it is and let them chat on our own channel.

<iframe src=”” allow=”microphone; camera; display-capture; fullscreen” style=”border:0; width:100%; height:600px;”></iframe>

For more detailed configuration settings, visit https:/